neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

The trash that I'm watching

Okay, I will admit that I watch the Duggars. I'm not sure why, but I've got some random fascination with them. Maybe it's that I want to see Jim Bob's hair get messed up, or I want to see Michelle completely snap at her kids, Jim Bob, the film crew - anyone. Seriously how do you have 18 kids (all of whom you're around and homeschooling ALL THE TIME), a husband that seems to be a bit of a bumbler and just stay so calm and always have a smile on your face? I need some of her meds. Oh, Josh and Anna, the matching outfits - not so cute, kinda sickening actually, but maybe I'm a wee bit jaded.

Anyways, I let TLC run on tonight after the 17 or 18 or 20 kids and counting and Toddlers & Tiaras came on. I can't imagine what is in the minds of the mothers who do this to their kids. If your child is screaming and yelling and crying backstage and saying they don't want to do the pageant, then don't claim you are doing it for them and that you'll stop the minute they don't want to do it anymore. I understand being proud of your darling, but a five year-old does not need spray tan, a hair piece, false eyelashes, full plaster make-up, a coach, custom made dresses, and best of all a custom made bathing suit. Can someone please explain to me why any of these children needs to be judged in a bathing suit? And what exactly are they judging?

Sure, your darling wants to play princess and feel like Cinderella, I get that. Buy her/make her/find her a frilly dress and let her wear your high heels. Let her play in your makeup drawer. Make her a tinfoil crown if you need to. Parading a five year-old, looking and acting like a twenty year-old, around on stage isn't the way to accomplish that. Your 4 month-old is learning no life skills being there, and I call bullshit on any mother that says otherwise.

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