neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Date night and the awesomest babysitters ever

Hubby and I have been talking for a while about how we should go out more often, on actual planned dates, as adults, sans Victoria. Yep, talked about it and it ended there. This past weekend I decided to actually do something about it, so I decreed Thursday date night and requested that hubby find a babysitter while I figured out what we'd do.

Well he couldn't possibly have done better! My brother and SIL came over last night, cooked dinner, watched V and put her to bed, did the dishes AND put away the diaper laundry! They've set the bar way high.

My part of the deal? We went to see Wolverine. I don't care what the haters say, I enjoyed it. He's always been my favorite character. And yes, I mean always. Like from when I was first introduced to him through Alpha Flight. Hugh Jackman? He's just icing on the cake *g*

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