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But where was Tiny Tim?

Yesterday was the last day of Ottawa's annual Tulip Festival. I could bore you with all the historical details, but the Cole's notes are: we got a gift of 100,000 tulip bulbs from Holland's royal family after WWII and we like to look at pretty flowers. Hubby and I packed V in the van and headed out bright and early and I don't think things could have been more perfect. We were early enough that they didn't have the barricades up yet, so we parked right beside the park, there was hardly anyone out yet, so we could actually see the flowers and get unobstructed pictures of them, there was a bit of a breeze, so any bugs that hadn't frozen to death in the night were keep away, and the sun was shining but it was only about 6C so perfect with a light jacket.

There are now 6 sites for the official festival, and somewhere around 3 million bulbs blooming in those parks. It's a pretty impressive display to drive past, and this is the first time I actually got out of a car and walked (or tiptoed) through them. We stuck to the major park as I knew flowers would only hold hubby's attention for so long.

Just in case you were wondering what 500,000 tulips look like:

Here is what they come to see:

Here is what they do:

V was in heaven. She loves sniffing flowers and these were all the right height.

Did I mention miles of tulips?

Canadian Liberator tulips, named in honour of the Canadian soldiers who liberated Holland in WWII:

Odd ball:

Barbados Tulip:

One last sniff before we go.

Happy sniffer


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