neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Best day gardening ever!

All the rain this year hasn't left me much to be happy about - there's the savings on air conditioning and lawn watering bills, ease of pulling weeds...and not much else. However, my gardens have been loving it! Things that I planted just last year are ready to be divided. Things that I thought would behave well are running amok. And we won't even discuss the weeds in my lawn. Luckily, I've found the key to cheap, easy gardening. It doesn't involve paving my entire yard, or allowing my husband to mow down my gardens, and best of all, no back-breaking work for me.

Last year I spent a great deal of time digging up and dividing the plants I wanted, and then offering the extras on plant sharing groups. Many of them didn't get picked up, and while I'm all good with that, it was a bunch of effort for nothing. This year I got smart. I have large areas of garden I want to reconfigure, and no room elsewhere for the plants, so I freecycled them, with the caveat that the recipients had to dig them up themselves. Yesterday alone I had 4
people come in the evening and dig up, remove or divide up my plants for me. I have at least 3 more people coming this weekend, then all I need to do is add the plants I want and voila! easy peasey gardening.


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