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Aug. 3rd, 2009 @ 11:24 pm What?
Man I love me some free stuff!

Great day for freecycle, I scored a cake decorating book, and hubby picked up a wooden dollhouse(!!), 6 diaper covers, and 50' of chainlink fence (lol).

We also headed over to my sister's today to pick up a trailer-full of landscaping rocks. The woman has more gardens covered in these things! I swear, if we hadn't told her, she'd have had no idea that we'd scooped some up. I think she's crazy for getting rid of them (blech who wants to weed?) but I'm not telling her that - I'll take the stones! Then, leaving her place we managed to snag this toybox from her neighbour's curb:

Hubby and I have been searching forever for a storage container for our patio cushions. We managed to buy big-ass floofy chairs with cushions that don't fit in any of the standard deck boxes, but we're fairly sure this will do the trick nicely...and if it doesn't, I'm sure V will fill it up in no time and we'll go back to our plan b - build it ourselves.

Who does she think she is?