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We've found the daycare/pre-school V is going to attend. She starts the first of October. I'm totally amazed at how lucky we are to get a spot with them too. We just happened to contact them at a time where they were reviewed by the government agency that looks after these things (and they scored a perfect 100 - only place to do so) and they were just granted 10 new spots! They were in the process of taking applications, and voila! I'm so excited for her.

In other news, news of the baby TMI variety, we've started really working on potty training. She's been using the potty since last August or so. We noticed that she generally didn't wet through the night, so would rush her on to it in the morning to get her used to it, more of a casual approach to it. This year hubby's been working with her more, being proactive and within the last week she's started wearing undies rather than a diaper during the day, with very few mishaps. Hopefully we'll stay on top of it and have her fully PL'd in no time.
Tags: vc milestones

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