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Why is it a busy weekend seems more restful? Okay, so maybe the fact that I crashed Friday night at 9 and didn't wake up until 7:30 Saturday may have had something to do with it, but my story sounds better.

After the non-existent Friday night, V and I spent Saturday together while hubby helped a buddy move. I found fantastic end of season sales, including adult pjs for $.50! Even if I don't wear them, they will make super cute material for clothes for V. We decided that we should stock up on clothes for her, both for our January trip to the Caribbean, and for next year. That girl certainly likes to shop! We also stocked up on undies, and they've been a hit so far. I actually have to fight to get her into her diaper (aka bum) now, and we usually only put them on at night or when we're travelling. I can only do so if I agree to put big girl undies on top of the wrap.

Speaking of 'bums', Saturday was the first day all summer I've been able to get her diapers out in the sun to dry. It has been that crappy (no pun intended).

While she micro-napped in the afternoon I managed to pull off a new dress for her. It's a really simple shirred dress made with some striped seersucker. Not the greatest picture, but she moves too fast:

I think the only thing simpler than this dress would be a pillowcase dress (for which I'm still scavenging for vintage pillow cases)...oooh! a shirred pillowcase dress - now we're talking.

Um ya, anyways, earlier in the week our neighbour decided to cut down his apple tree and invited us to take as many apples as we wanted before they all came crashing down. (Don't even get me started on the city's tree cutting by-law that's coming in to effect September 1 - grr) We ended up with almost a 5-gallon pail of the juicy goodnesses, so I decided to do bulk apple pie filling and freeze the portions individually. Let's just say 26 cups of peeled and sliced apples is a freaking LOT of apples. I had to call in reinforcements or I'm sure I'd still be peeling them. But the next couple of apple pies we make will be a snap.

Sunday we headed up to my uncle's cottage on the Big Rideau (that's his dock V's on in the pic). Really nothing better than spending a fantastic summer day out on the water. V loved her 'boap' ride, got to float in the water a bit (in a lifejacket of course) and generally ran around like a maniac. Dinner was fantastic, and we were very sad to leave after an early dinner, but our pups were glad to see us back home.

I'm officially putting in an order for more fantastic weather for the the next 10 weekends. Summer's finally started.

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