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Okay, I'll admit my icon is a bit of a lie these days, but leave me the illusion that some day soon I'll have a lazy afternoon to do nothing other than read...

Do you track your books on-line? I had started using BookCrossing, just because, well, I bookcross, but it doesn't really give me much of a view for books I've read, or want to read, just books I have or have had. So I signed up for LibraryThing today, but I have a couple of misgivings. They may be newbie user error, but it seems annoying to me that you can't add more than one book from a search at a time. If I look up a series, and I've read all the books, I don't want to have to re-search to add each one. Also, freebie accounts are only allowed to list 200 books. I get it, but I'm already close to max, and that's nothing! Anyone feel it's worth it? Anyone got better ideas? I know I could do an excel sheet, but I like the search, cover art, ratings, reviews etc.
Tags: books

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