neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I read. In the past I read alot, often and obsessively. I have been known to read in the tub, in the car, in bed, on my lunch breaks and even in the shower. Up until this summer I can think of one book that I managed to soak, and that was only because I left it on the floor of my boyfriend's leaky car. I've read in canoes, on airmattresses floating down the lake, on the get the point. This summer has been special. I've ended up with two exploded, water soaked books. In two days I managed to leave one book out in a rainstorm, and the other one I kicked into the tub. I hope I'm not making a habit of it, if nothing else I'd need bigger bookshelves. In order to add to the tally, V shoved my book into the tub this morning. Not sure if it counts or not though, it was one of the two previously soaked books.

I think I have figured out why I'm not reading as much as I used to too. My freaking eyesight is going! I've succumbed to shrinking arm syndrome. How did I discover this? Did I go to the optometrist? No, that is too organized. Did I happen upon an eye chart in my wanderings? Nope, that's just bizarre. One morning I'd had enough coffee to realize that I could no longer see my armpits as I was trying to shave them! Not the handiest observation to make, but at least I made it in the tub and not in a meeting *g*.

Any bets on how long before I get myself organized and motivated enough to make an eye appointment?

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