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Just to keep things interesting...

Yesterday morning was the last morning I'll hop in my car, look up at my living room window and see my little girl waving 'bye bye'. This morning hubby and I brought her to her first day of nursery school. I must say we have a very independent little girl on our hands. We've often heard, 'no, baby' when we try to do something, er - anything. Put away her laundry, get herself dressed, put on her shoes, put dishes in the sink...not saying she doesn't need help, but she insists on trying on her own first.

Note the child is lugging a knapsack as big as she is. No way she'd let mommy carry it.

We went in to chat with the teachers, make sure we had everything they needed, and she made a beeline for the other kids, not even a look back or wave. Hubby called at noon, in case we had to do a gradual transition, and it appears her first day has been fantastic so far. She's had no issues, and (because this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside) they let us know that when a couple of kids fell over in the play yard, she was there helping them up. I will admit I was slightly worried about how she'd play and interact with other kids, she doesn't get a lot of exposure to big groups of them on her own.

I hold no illusions that after 3 days of this it will go as smoothly, there's a big difference between one extraordinary day out, and spending the rest of your days in school, but it was nice to have this one go off without a hitch (so far).
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