neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Hubby's friends are a bad influence

Hubby went to the Harley dealership tonight to look at a bike his friend is considering. Earlier this year, hubby took the Honda Fury out on a ride day and loved it. Tonight he checked out one of the Harleys (sorry, they all blend together, don't know which one) and checked out a Buell.

From this visit he had 2 comments, he prefers the Fury over the Harleys, and more telling, he sees no reason to buy a Buell, because he doesn't need a second sport-style bike. Now call me crazy, but my understanding of how this would happen is this: he gets an inkling he wants a new bike. He does months and months of research, checking used sites, new sites, going on ride days, more research and investigation, more visits to the dealerships, buys bike and finally, here's the key, sells existing bike. Am I crazy? Or did I just miss the memo about starting a bike collection?

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