neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I demand my summer!

I am throwing a full on tantrum. Summer sucked; it rained, it was dark, it was dingy. My vacation plans changed, and August was lost to audits and audit fixes. I am stamping my foot, crossing my arms and demanding a two month do-over. I want dinners on the deck, barbeques, more time to putter in the garden. Hell, I want enough guts and time and organization to take a ride on the bike. I want my damn tomato plants to at least bloom. (As an aside, I'd be more than happy if 5 million or so slugs and earwigs vacated my garden.) I want to go to the beach, I'd say take a bicycle ride, but that would be too much like exercising.

What do I get instead? I get 6C evenings. I get geese. Freaking geese flying south. I get ratty plants consumed by the aforementioned slugs and earwigs. I get dogs blowing their coats again. Dammit I had to wear long pants and socks the other day! Morning dog walks involve jackets now. Easier to carry the 'accessories' but just another signpost in my summer rearview mirror.

The one thing that is carrying me through is that we're going to Jamaica in January! I'm not sure if this has been 'announced' or not, but dammit I've known forever so I'm spilling the beans. So, if you know them and didn't know, I didn't tell you! My brother and his girlfriend are finally tying the knot! They've basically been together since they were 15, so not the most snap decision ever made *g*.

Icing on the cake? We'll be down there for my 40th birthday. That's my idea of a vacation - beach, sun, family, a party...I CANNOT wait! 130 days, or 3127 hours to go!

Oh wait, I know what will counter the blahs! Lists I need lists. I need lists of stuff to organize, stuff to bring, stuff to do...oooh I love lists.

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