neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

A day off *is* better than a kick in the pants!

My company grants us 3 extra vacation days a year, and they usually tack them on to long weekends to give us (woohoo!) 4-day weekends. Today was the last one of the year, and for the first time in quite a while it was a really, really quiet day for me. I wasn't a big loser working on my day off (I had intended to)and I didn't stress out about the things that are piling up around here. Instead I got up, walked the dogs, dropped V off at daycare, said bye to hubby and puttered.

I sorted some stuff I'm getting rid of (anyone want to buy some used cloth diapers?), brought a bin of borrowed clothes back to my sister, read, played Mafia Wars (omg boring and addictive at the same time), sewed, sorted through my wool stash and found a very special project I thought I'd lost *yay*, looked for some tax stuff, neglected to make dinner, did a load or two of laundry, planned out some sewing projects and cleaned up my sewing room.

I also managed to score the following on Freecycle:
1.72 yds 50" wide - black wool suiting
1 yd 50" wide, black stretch gaberdine
yd 60" wide - Double-knit tube, cream
yd 60" wide - Double-knit tube, deep cerulean blue
4.0 yds 45" wide - Challis, white
3.33 yds 60" wide - Ordinary matte lining material, deep sky blue
5.1 yds 60" wide - Ordinary matte lining material, teal blue

I am very happy about this. What a haul. I have to remember now to go pick it up tomorrow. I need to lay off the great deals though, my room is going to explode all over the place soon. That room is going to be the warmest room this winter, there is no way any amount of chill can permeate the insulation I have going on in there!

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