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Tonight I am the ant.

Usually I'm the grasshopper, it's no big secret, my motto is 'everything will work out'. This I may note is in stark contrast to hubby, who is more of a planner and worrier, causing him no end of grief.

But back to tonight and bugs. We had a lovely dinner to end an extra long weekend, steak on the barbeque, golden beets - try them, so much better than those bloody purple things! - and corn on the cob. We enjoyed this meal on the back deck (I'm not sure why we call it the 'back' deck, it's not like we have a side deck or a front deck), had some yummy coffee and ice cream bars for dessert, then I came inside to take care of the dishes while V and hubby played in the yard (I'll even say back yard, as we have a front and two side ones of those).

Somehow I managed to convince myself that the extra 7 ears of corn we received from my cousin this week would never be consumed and should therefor be preserved. One simple Google search later, and I was ready to make me some corn relish. I was fairly certain I had all the ingredients (note I did not check before starting) but where were my Mason jars? Quick trip down to the basement and I determined that they were in the most inaccessible spot in the entire house. Not only were they wedged behind the furnace and the water heater, but they were under 4 other boxes. Not so bad so far, but I could only see them after peering around the 12 other boxes in the way. Those in turn were under some Christmas decorations, and behind some scuba and skiing equipment. To top it all off, there was a pile of baby items such as a bassinet in front of that pile. We (I) seriously have too much crap, I'll get on that one of these days.

Now remember today is a holiday, otherwise I would have just popped out to the store for a new box of jars etc. Instead I did the next best thing, called my sister who happened to have a dozen hanging around. Once the jar drama was sorted, I got down to making corn relish. I substituted some extra corn for a couple of green peppers I couldn't find (and I know I had them yesterday!) I think I should have added celery to help make up the bulk but too late now. I've currently got 10 jars of corn relish cooling on my counter. While I was waiting for the various stages of pickling to occur, I also managed to make two quiches, which I now have cooling on racks. They are a super easy one to grab from the freezer and reheat in a hurry.

I think tomorrow I'm going to try stewing some tomatoes, and maybe I'll make up some pesto too. Winter's coming after all. Oh ya, and if anyone has any good recipes for summer squash, please pass them along. I've got squash coming out my ears.
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