neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Double take of the day

I think I've mentioned before that since buying our PVR I no longer pay attention to TV. Not just that, but I also wish that I could PVR my radio, many conference calls, and a few personal conversations. Basically, I'm pretty inattentive now and I blame my PVR.

It is rather shocking the amount of tv I have no need or desire to watch. Even shows I record. There are always those moments though when you just have to rewind, because there's no way you could have just heard what you think you just heard. Tonight I had one of those moments, during a Miracle Whip commercial when they referred to their product as 'dip-smacking'

I'm sure they were going for a play on lip-smacking, but does no one say these things out loud before they shoot them?
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