neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet

Today's what the? posting in local freecycle:
6 year old sweet heart woke up this a.m. after loosing her first BABY big
tooth, and we discovered that her guinea pig "soul brother" her best pal
.... has gone missing in the fret of that thunder storm last night.

Looking for well wishes, a message, pixie dust, or some really great "Tear
Soup" Book on grieving for her ...

She will be told the news at a fireside this evening, fireworks will go off
to send all your well wishes up to help bring "should brother home".

Thanks for your help ... Community is a great thing to have in times of

Blessings to you and yours and pls think of soul brother retuning home to
his wee girly so they can cuddle as the tooth fairy arrives this evening

Thanks and Dog Bless!

So, other than attention and a guinea pig that no one on the list can give you, what exactly are you looking for?
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