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Have you ever thought of the logistics of walking two rather energetic dogs and a toddler? Not my favorite activity. Take today as an example, get home and get ready to walk the dogs. I leave V in the van while I get the dogs and buggy, as she has an uncanny ability to perfectly time her dash to the road to coincide with my complete entanglement with dog leashes.

Only V actually wants to walk, not ride in her carriage. You'd think that would be cute, maybe a bit slow, but a fun thing to do. No. She doesn't actually walk, she takes a few steps and then collapses while holding my hand. Or she tries to lie down in the street. Now remember, I'm trying to contain two huskies (or for those of you that can't judge these things, about 150lbs of pulling dogs) while this is going on, and all they want to do is GO! But my all time favorite has to be her trying to roll around at the edge of people's lawns. Let's recap: I'm walking dogs. I know what their leash/pee range is. She's trying to roll in it.

So I nix that and stuff her into the dreaded torture carriage of doom. This does not please the princess. She retaliates by sticking her finger up her nose whenever a car or person passes by. I can tell she is doing this by the look on the faces passing me. I ever so kindly offer a Kleenex, which is greeted with an equally sweet, 'no', and we proceed like this around the block. When that fails to garner the required level of attention, she slumps down in her seat until she looks like a complete slug. She then does one of two things. She will either stick her foot down so that it rubs on the wheel or she'll bunch herself up until she can stick her legs up over the safety bar. This particular maneuver has the added bonus of bunching her shirt up to her armpits, rolling her pants up to her knees (bonus points if it's only one leg, there's no chance of passing that off as capris) and for the icing on the cake, an occasional shoe will fly off.

I've learned a very important lesson here. I can chose to look like a harried mom, or I can pick the self-medicated image, smiling my way around the block with my beasts and baby.
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