neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Upon re-reading last night's post I realized that I only provided half the picture. One might think that while V was causing a tsunami of twoness in the stroller the dogs would be trotting beside me as obediently as could be.

Let me correct that impression now. My dogs' walking style might best be described as 'heel-esque' or perhaps 'inspired by heel' or maybe 'loose-leash for huskies'. It's not so much that they 'pull' (believe it or not, I'm NOT dragged down the street). They just don't pay attention, well to me anyways. The squirrels, the pee-mail, the leaf rolling down the street - full attention. Oh I know what it is! Imagine a couple of ADD dogs (thankful for the missing 'H'). Put them on leashes, attach the leashes to me and add a baby carriage. Now you have the full picture.

So, on top of dealing with the rolling blonde terror, I will:
untangle their leashes from each other's abdominal areas at least twice per walk (I have no idea how this happens, I swear they don't play leapfrog!),
stop the carriage to remove the leash from it's entanglement with a wheel at least once,
almost run over both dogs multiple times,
struggle to untangle myself from the leashes,
stop Chet from digging up 85 lawns,
wait patiently by every light post and sidewalk for each dog to get a good sniff at the same ting they sniffed the 1400 previous times they past the same spot,
have each dog take off in a different direction, neither of which are the direction I'm headed, and,
meet and greet any neighbour and their dog brave enough to stop or be stopped. (At this Chet will start howling. Because after all, stopped is not GO.)

Sometimes twice a day. This only gets better when it rains and I add an umbrella to the mix.

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