neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Doubts, concerns and worries

Let me start off by saying I get it. I understand the importance of immunizations, I know what herd immunity is, I vaccinate. I would prefer to spread them out a bit, the schedule packs a lot in the first 18 months. You will never catch me bringing V to a pox party, or even more mind-boggling, a H1N1 party.

Even before I heard that several studies have shown a link between seasonal flu shots and increased risk of H1N1, I was worried about flu vaccines in general.

As a multi-dose vaccine it contains thimerosal. Fine. I've heard it, I know there's no provable link. But there are concerns. There is a concern with general environmental contact with mercury. There is also this report, which seems to indicate the possibility of a link to AD.

The vaccine isn't going to be available to us until November, predictions are that the flu will peak before then (then again what good have they been so far). The Ontario government is now delaying seasonal flu shots until the H1N1 program is complete. Will it be too little too late? Is it too much thimerosal to no end? Do we bother with the seasonal shot?

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