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My husband deserves the biggest smooches going. For years my friends have been telling me what a great guy he is and how wonderful he is, and I'll mutter on about how they don't have to live with him *g*, but this time, even I have to admit he's pretty great.

Why you ask? Saturday morning he got up and out the door at 6:30 in order to stand in line for 5 hours in the rain and wind, only to be told that they were out of bracelets (think concert ticket lines) and so sorry, too bad, you should have tried earlier. No, he wasn't waiting for the Wiggles, or Hannah Montana or even something he'd enjoy, he was in like to get us (V and me) a chance to be vaccinated against H1N1, V's a priority because of her age and I'm one because of my asthma.

He was too tired and cold and wet and hungry to be irate, so I was irate and ranty and outraged for him. Once he warmed up he was able to talk about how upset he was, not only for us, but for the woman he watched for those same five hours trying to keep her 3 children happy and warm and contained. For the man behind him that was trying for the third time to get the shot for his 3 year old son. For the people in walkers and wheelchairs, and the sick, all of whom are told they are priority, yet all of whom were turned away after waiting HOURs in the elements.

Although he didn't crank at me once about it, that's not what makes him great. What makes him great is that when I woke up at ~2 this morning he was already gone, in line to try again. I called him as soon as I realized the car wasn't in the driveway, and he sounded determined, prepared for the wait (snow pants, chair etc) and he was pleased to inform me he was 4th in line. While 2am might seem like a bit of overkill, they were announcing on the radio that people were lining up at 3 and getting the bracelets, so 2 didn't seem like that much of a stretch, and as it turns out it wasn't. By 8 he was home with the two bracelets, and by 10:30 we had received our shots.

It now appears that when he was turned away at noon yesterday they weren't out of vaccine, or vaccinators, but they had actually run out of the tracking bracelets. (Of all the stupid, bureaucratic decisions...) Once the lines and crowds had cleared, they started taking people in on a walk-up basis. Un-announced of course. Still, no frothing, raging outbursts, only relief that he was able to do something despite the city's best efforts. And I am more than happy, glad, and relieved that V and I didn't have to spend hours in the cold, wet, and wind in order to try to protect our health.


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