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Knitting retreat

The knitwits went away for our annual fall knitting retreat. Not only were we on the knitting retreat, but one of our very own is now in charge of the whole show! And she did a fantabulous job! Woo woo! Way to go Debdeb!

It was wonderful to be together with everyone, but it was way too short. I would have hated to be away from hubby and V for any longer, but the time just flew. It didn't help that I got away from home 3 hours later than I intended, and then, because I 'just knew' where I was going I managed to overshoot my off-ramp by 2 exits, having to back-track 18km. At this point, I would like to point out that I did only go 2 exits too far, and as soon as I realized I was lost I stopped and asked for directions. 'Nuff said.

Our accomodations were the same location they've been for at least the past 6 years - a gorgeous resort on the St. Laurence. The original lodge was built in the late 1800's:

We stayed in a couple of the cabins to the side of the resort, they offer a nice gathering area for the gang, we can yack until all hours without disturbing anyone.

Morning bay view:

Duckies and geese:

I'm so happy to get the duck bums *g*

Bay in full light:

For anyone that's familiar with Group of Seven paintings, but hasn't been up here, our trees really do grow like that:

And now the yarn porn:
Start of a sock - Fleece Artist wool

Anabelle Daffodil's Birthday sweater, made of Shelridge Farms aka Buffy wool:

Mitten in progress:

There are way too many sleeps until the next retreat.
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