neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

For the past month or so V has decided it's the funniest thing ever to remove her boots and socks on the drive over to her daycare. The drive takes a total of maybe 6 minutes and every day it was the same thing - boots go on in the house, off in the car, on in the parking lot, off after the 30 second walk in to the centre.

I've thought of driving her over boot-less, but she's waaay to stubborn to allow that - she needs to walk to the car and in to school. Baby do! has become Toria do! And well, let's face it, she can walk so I'm not that keen on carrying her everywhere.

I've thought of duct-tape, but that's such a mess, and not so easy to get the boots off once we hit the school.

Lace-up boots might be an option, the school would hate them, and if V could find a way to cause a disaster with them she will, so they're Plan Q.

So, every day the boots are off she walks into the centre barefoot. I'm sure some days she makes an odd picture, full-on snowsuit and bare feet, and often she only makes it a couple of steps before her feet are too damn cold and I have to carry her the rest of the way, but I'm convinced that she'll figure it out one day. Hopefully one day real soon, she's been lucking out with the mild weather so far.

Any other suggestions, (other than just beating my head on the pavement) are welcome. I think 8am is too early for me to start drinking.
Tags: mommie dearest

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