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Post made of random

  • I recently discovered that my arms were no longer long enough to allow me to read comfortably. I had an appointment on Thursday (it had been 10 years since the last time I was there!) and I picked up my glasses today. It's amazing how much easier things go when you can see what you're reading!
  • I am going to drive myself insane cleaning these damn things. Every time I put them on I can see smudges. I must eliminate all smudges (I've never done well with sunglasses, I hope this goes better)
  • A couple of days ago hubby asked me if I'd be interested in an eBook reader. I dismissed the idea, I've always considered myself old-school when it comes to reading and I'm not a big fan of reading text on Palms or monitors. But that was before I'd actually seen and used one. One of the women at work has a Sony PRS-600 and I'm impressed. I was worried about the 'texture' of the screen, but it is very dull and paper-like. It isn't backlit, but neither are my books. Nice and light, decent amount of books and formats available. I of course have looked at a grand total of one model, so any input would be appreciated.
  • My daughter has a favorite hoodie she's about to outgrow. It's pink, velour, sparkly and has some sort of fake fur around the cuffs (it was a hand-me-down!) I'm not sure how I'll ever replace it *g*
  • Suggested books for December - opinions anyone?:
    • "A Carol Christams Carol," by Charles Dickens
    • "The Stupidest Angel, A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror," by Christopher Moore
    • "Smilla's Sense of Snow," by Peter Hoeg
    • "Hercule Poirot's Christmas," by Agatha Christie.
Overheard on the stupid-tube tonight:
  • We've got fog, which is nothing more than a cloud on the ground. -delivered by one of our expert weathermen.
  • With 81 days until the winter Olympics officials have revealed they have no plans to deal with an expected surge in human trafficking. (Wait, what? They expect it, they've known the games are coming for several years now, but they have no plan? And IS this Canada? What year are we in?)


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