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I am almost certain that there is something about hosting family events that makes me go temporarily insane. Last night we had V's 2nd birthday party and both families were over. What do I decide to do?

First, our dining room chairs need to be recovered. They've needed to be recovered since we bought them (at auction 10 years ago, it's a set from the 1930's), but I came to the conclusion that our families couldn't possibly use the chairs one more time in their current condition (which was perfectly fine, just ugly). Now, this decision wasn't totally spur of the moment, I had selected and purchased the fabric for them over a year ago. But Thursday I *needed* to go to Home Depot and rent a carpet stapler to get the damn chairs done. This coincided nicely with having picked up new cushioning for them on Monday.

There should be a master list of things couples should never attempt together. And it needs to include upholstery. It's remarkable that we were using knives and scissors and a powered stapler (with no safety), and we both survived. The only thing we agreed on was recovering the chairs. I thought they were ugly and hubby thought they were uncomfortable. I wanted the pattern one way and he wanted it the other. He wanted to glue all the chairs while they were disassembled and I just wanted the covering done...and on and on. But, in the end the chairs are done and they look fantastic if I do say so, and they are comfy!

Thankfully my sister-in-law came over Sunday afternoon to help with the cleaning/decorating. This freed me up to make the food (okay I lie, I bought two salads). But the beef stroganoff, veggie casserole, steamed asparagus and twice baked potatoes (some veg some with bacon) were pouring out of the kitchen all afternoon. One day I'll get smart and hire caterers I swear.

Next on my list of idiotic ideas is deciding to make a shaped cake. I don't care who the manufacturer or recipe maker is, they all lie to me. If I bake a cake, it will stick to the pan. I could fry it in butter first and it would still stick. It's a skill. Add to this a butterfly-shaped pan,with crooks and crannies and crevices and the poor thing had no hope of ever coming out of the pan. Luckily a little icing and Humpty Dumpty would be jealous.

Speaking of icing, just to up the ante I decided to ice it with rolled fondant, which I have never used before. I was a bit nervous about it, but I've decided that it kicks ass, and I may never use buttercream icing again:

And the final clue that I've lost my mind? Feeding this to 2 year olds results in them re-enacting '10 Little Monkeys' (in V's now big girl bed!):

over and over and over *g*
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