neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

V and I made a gingerbread house last night. I think V enjoyed herself:

(she's picked up her ham father's habit of making goofy faces at the camera.)

I learned several lessons. I learned how to make royal icing. This is the second type of icing I've learned to make in the past two weeks. I'm sensing a theme and a bunch of elastic pants in my future. The icing got V's stamp of approval:

This is the icing you use to 'glue' the house together, and the stuff to the house. It's also the stuff that solid icing decorations are made of. I decided to try some decorations to add to the house. Unfortunately I also learned that it was a silly idea to leave the wax paper close to the edge of the table (you know, where V could pull it on the floor):

Luckily they were still smushable rather than just shattery.

Final result:

Now I just need to keep her away from it for the next 11 days. Luckily our tree will be going up next. I figure that will be a much bigger distraction.

Third lesson learned - my child can break a land speed record for shovelling candy into her mouth. Final lesson? Given the rate of candy consumption, 5:30pm was not the time to start this.
Tags: christmas, vc

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