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The day the torch came to town

Okay, so it was really a weekend, but that doesn't really flow as well does it? Part of my plans for last weekend were to see the Olympic torch relay as it ran by us (will it run by you?)

Did I mention it was c-c-cold out Saturday night?

What you don't see is the snowsuit, scarf, sweater, fleece pants and sweatshirt under the wool blankie.

This was one of the 50 or so vehicles that was part of the procession. I wonder what the footprint is of having all those vehicles running for 12 hours every day, for '106 days, 45,000km':

Turns out it was so cold that my battery drained/died just as the runner went past me, so this was the best shot I got:

This guy didn't mind running, after spending 30 minutes warming up in the Loblaws behind us. He got cold waiting *g*

I may have mentioned once or twice that between the dogs and the small person of the house, I'm generally up by 5:30. That did us well Sunday morning, as we got to see the torch start Sunday's relay. The starting point was right around the corner from our house. Much better photos when the sun is up and the camera isn't frozen:

After watching her go by we realized that our car would be quicker than 10 or so runners would to getting to the furthest transfer point so we zipped around the block and caught this woman, who appeared to get tired about 200 meters in to her run:

V loved waving her little flag at everyone:

Only in Canada, eh? Caught this zamboni in the parking lot of the mall around the corner from our place. Believe it or not, it's not every day you're close enough, even in the Great White North, to get your picture taken with a zamboni. Outside. On pavement. In a mall parking lot.

Hubby scored some swag, including a cool limited edition (?) Olympic coke bottle that lights up with an LED. Fun for waving around at the night time transfer spots I guess. Not sure it needed to be hand numbered tho. Sadly the hour or so we were outside proved that my 'winter' boots were made for winter in say, Toronto or Phoenix. My feet were frozen. I actually had to break out the extra heavy-duty wooly socks to get any feeling back in my toes.
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