neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Hubby and I came to the realization that we are going to have to start sharing our toys with V:

Luckily she still lets us play, she needs help with the kick drum.

After playing until all hours of the night for the past two nights I've determined that I'll never, ever, ever be able to play the drums, but I still enjoy them more than guitar.(yes I bought it as a gift for hubby, why do you ask?) I figure I have more chances of doing the right thing if I get to use an extra limb.

Luckily I've lost my voice so no one has been subjected to that horror.

V's favorite gift this year has to be her Beach Party Barbie, Ken and Jeep. Not only does she play with them constantly and carry them around, she's brought the fully loaded jeep to bed the past three nights!

I'm over the moon with my gift as well, hubby picked me up a Sony eBook reader:

He'd asked me about it a while ago, and I didn't think I'd like it, being afraid of reading text from a screen, but I got to try one out at work, and was instantly converted. They've done a great job with the screen and presentation. It's a touch screen too, so I can 'flip' pages. The e-ink redraw lag is a bit distracting, but it's not more time than turning a page. The screen doesn't pick up fingerprints, I can change the font size to something I can read, it's light, holds 160ish books...what more could I ask for? Oh, I know! Being able to borrow ebooks from the library! I get the feeling that hubby thinks I'll be clearing out some bookshelves as I get more eBooks.

I've tried out adding some pics to it, and it's great if you want to look at b&w pics *g*. One thing it will never replace though is my bathtub book. Bathtub and the Reader are two things I don't want to combine. Now I'll have to figure out what beach reading to 'pack'...

Speaking of our upcoming travels, I would really appreciate it if planes would stop dropping out of the sky and breaking in half, and if crazies would stop trying to blow them up. Before the stepped up security we needed to be at the airport at some ungodly hour like 4am, I can't imagine what time we're looking at now. I've still got to figure out how we're getting there and if we need a carseat for V anywhere too.

It's been a really relaxing two days thanks mainly to the ice storm and my lack of interest in doing any Boxing week shopping (what's up with that?) I have the rest of this week off too so I'm hoping to be able to bust my butt and get the outfits sewn for all the kids, get lists finalized and get my sorry butt organized. I'm so excited about this trip and I'm not sure why we haven't been doing a mid-winter trip. I used to love going down south for a week in the winter, it was just the break I needed from the drab, dark, dreary and cold days.

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