neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Fingers Crossed

I don't do it often, but I *have* to talk 'potty' talk today. Last night V woke up around 2 and yelled for daddy to take her to the potty. When she was done she would not put her diaper back on (she's been dry most nights for a while now) and she did fantastic, completely dry in the morning and so proud of it. We've been putting underwear over her diaper wrap for a while now and telling her that soon she'd have 'no bum' so I guess soon has come. Actually she told me it's time.

Tonight she headed off to bed with no diaper. HUGE step, and so exciting.

Here's my new favorite picture of her. She decided she needed to dress herself yesterday, then Auntie 'Cole came over and she wanted to show off her new ski helmet. It makes for an interesting combo:

Don't mind the scratch on her nose, just as we were headed out the door to Cosmic Adventure the other day she tripped at the front entrance and scraped her nose on the bottom step. Ask her about it and she'll reenact it for you and you'll get all the details.

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