neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

It's today!

Not only is it today, but it's 3.5 hours from our departure time for the first leg of our trip to Jamaica (yay for brothers who decided to get married in a kick ass destination). Just in case you don't think it's kick ass, take a look at this page - compared to this one - MINUS 9 vs plus 29, which destination wins?

Dogs were dropped off at the kennel tonight, meals were cooked and frozen for the cat/turtle sitter (my MIL) who was given the lay of the land tonight. Dresses and shirts have been completed for the 5 little ones (all under 3!) invited, 120lbs of luggage have been packed. Arrangements were made with the neighbors to dig out my MIL in the event of a blizzard, house cleaned, one excited child put to bed (still without a diaper - yay!)... I'm sure I'm only missing 20 or 30 things I was supposed to do.

I'm so anxious to get there and fall onto the beach in a stupor that if we weren't flying I might just have to try running there. That might be the caffeine talking though.

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