neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Who's the wise guy?

Who ordered the blizzard? I know you're out there, some sort of winter sports enthusiast waiting for the trails or the hills to open, checking the weather every day praying for 2 feet of snow. Maybe you think the fluffy white stuff is romantic, you picture a walk followed by a cuddle by the fire. Or maybe you're one of my dogs, and have been pining for the stuff. Whatever the case, cut it out!

Here's what it looked like at 1:

Not so bad until you notice just how fast those flakes were moving...

By the time I got to the front of the house:

Little bit scary, and I'm glad I'm not driving.

An hour later I was really glad to be inside:

And I kid you not, this was 2 minutes later.

ETA - turns out the world didn't end, and it was a weak-willed, hardly worth mentioning snow squall. But man it looked like it was cooking up something good.
Tags: weather

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