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Hubby (who I'm thinking about re-knicknaming 'the longhair' because, well his hair is long, duh) just started a 6 month acting supervisor position. This is a good thing. It's evenings. This is an adjustment thing. We're still in the process of working out all the kinks, but it looks like I'm going to try to get in to work for 7:30 (yes, AM, I did say TRY...stop laughing!), which will allow me to get home by 4, walk the dogs (walking two stubborn dogs is much easier without a stubborn 2 year old in the mix), pick up V by 4:45, home to make dinner...I'm exhausted just writing it.

Anyways, the point is that if it's going to work I'm going to have to be a bit more organized about dinner. If I don't have something planned it's way too easy to throw in a freezer pizza, or dump a jar of store sauce on some pasta. Both of these are okay meals, occasionally. But when you have to freecycle the pasta jars, you know you're out of control. I've also been depending on the longhair to toss out a meal idea every couple of days and that's not going to happen for the next little while.

We are on week two of a fully planned out menu. Saturday I make the lists, menu and ingredients, and shopping happens some time on the weekend. Last week was wonderful, I tried new recipes, had leftovers for lunch every day, had everything I needed in the fridge...totally foreign. Let's see how long it lasts.

I am however desperate for easy/fast meals. Timing isn't great for slowcooker recipes, so a little pre-prep isn't bad and 45min is my max for prep and cook. I am harassing people at the office, have stalked a couple of friends that post WFDs on their FB and am constantly on the interwebz looking for ideas. It really is hard work being this prepared!

The other issue I'm running into, is more of a running out of. My body has taken this time to want to sit on the sidelines. I've suddenly gone from being wide awake at 1am to not being able to make it much past 9pm. It's sort of understandable considering the first thing I do when I hop out of bed at 5:30 is take the dogs for a walk, and pretty much don't look back until V's in bed, but this isn't good for getting work done around the house. It's also not good for any of the stuff I'm taking home from the office or my hobbies. I'm going to have to give myself a talking to, don't I know I've got things to do?

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