neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

lying low

I decided early on that this round of IVF wouldn't be a public round. There are a few people I've mentioned it to incidentally, but they are 'safe' for the most part. They are acquaintances, not someone that's going to know when my 2ww is over and ask how it went.

Anywho. Somehow I morphed not talking about it to not journalling it. Even privately. And this is weird and I have no memory at the best of times, so it puts the whole exercise in danger of being forgotten. I could end up being on of those people 20 years from now who talks about how they got pregnant naturally after their first IVF baby. LOL

We started the stims on the 26th of March, I was on 75IU of Repronex, 50IU of Puregon and .2mL of Suprefact. That quickly got reduced to 2clicks (16 2/3IU of Puregon) after my estrogen skyrocketted. I guess the last time I only started the repronex on day 4 so having it from the start was still a bit of a change. I've been 'sniffing' the Puregon for about 6 days now, and they triggered me tonight, for a retrieval on Wed. They were originally thinking it was going to be trigger on Sat, but well, I needed to slow my roll.
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