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I have so little to report these days, it's pathetic. With hubby working evenings, I am a total bore, up at 5:30, out the door by 8, home at 5, feed me and V, maybe get a few to play, bedtime takes an hour and I have a couple of hours before hitting the sack at 10. Yep that's it. I think I'm too tired to think. I haven't been sewing, knitting, otherwise crafting. I haven't been writing or engaging my brain in any way, and that has to change.

Our poor little Sasha bear isn't doing that well. She's not in pain as far as we can tell, but her back end is really weak. There are times when it is a struggle for her to make it around the block. But still, there are times she tears around the back yard like a maniac. We've got her own 2 meds now to reduce any wear and swelling there might be, but the doc is fairly sure it's a neurological condition. She's got a lot of wear on the tops of her back feet from dragging them. We're watching her really closely these days, but I'm not sure there's much more we can do.

In family news there's tons of bizarre family drama going on, the pretext of which is the family cottage, and access to it, but underlying it are all sorts of issues with my mother. Things like hubby saying he wasn't desperate for her to come over and help with V last year was translated in her mind to hubby saying she couldn't see V. My mother clearly plays favorites with her children, and with her grandchildren, and she'll deny it with every bone in her body. I'm beyond caring, to me they are choices she makes and has to live with, but they've been rather upsetting lately to my siblings. After the fiasco and hell she gave me at Christmas, I'm no longer allowed to invite her to family events, so she can make her own arrangements to see V.

Actually, now that I think about it, there's some other background drama developing in my life, not stuff I'm able to talk about yet, but certainly leading to the stress levels, and well, maybe even the lack of communication here. I find it hard to come on her and vent the 'issues' of my life because, well, they aren't that bad, they just happen to be dominating at the moment. It's a wonder I'm not completely grey or bald!

I've got to leave this on a happier note, and I'll get the chance to SQUEE! a bit too. I received my Mother's Day gift early this year, and hubby must count himself lucky that he's got a geek for a wife. Get me a gadget and I'm happy, and he certainly didn't disappoint - he and V picked me up an iPhone last night! I think I've been fairly restrained, I've only loaded 20 or so apps on it so far, but man that thing rocks! I've managed to find an app that will stay connected to my IM accounts when closed so I'm happy! If you've got any killer app suggestions, do share! I've already pestered FB and RL peeps about this, but hey I can always do with more.
Tags: blather, families are weird, iphone, sasha

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