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May. 21st, 2010 @ 10:58 pm Oh do I have a problem.
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Who does she think she is?
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Date:May 22nd, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
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I am so sorry to hear about your two companions decline in health. It's always hard at the end.

My greyhound was walking, peeing and eating one week and the next...she stopped. I carried her for a week, I put the fresh bowl of water under her mouth to drink. She too stopped eating and I knew her time with us was at its end. I explained to my daughters that Gracie was old and had grown tired and it was time for her to go cross over the Rainbow Bridge--because that is where the pets go after they pass on. For a week the girls stroked Gracie, they kissed her and said their good-bye's every night just in case. Well, when she did pass-they walked out and again--said their good byes. We placed her on her favorite blanket, the girls put her favorite toys between her legs and we wrapped her up. She is buried in the back yard underneath her favorite tree where we can visit her & talk to her. The girls like to pick up pinwheels for her or pick flowers for her. I think having a little burial service helped us all say goodbye and helped them understand that she was gone.

When their "grandmother" passed away next door, she too had gotten ill. She was ill & on hospice for that last month of her life. We visited her and gave her kisses before she got really bad. Then, one evening...the neighbors told us their mother had just passed away. I went over and said my final good-byes. The girls didn't go as it would have been especially hard on our neighbors as Grandma adored "her little babies". The twins understood that Grandma was old and had grown tired and she passed on. We did say she went to heaven & is with God & his Angels and they found comfort in that.

I think that children understand a lot more than we think. I really do believe that your little one will understand what is going on, what had to be done and will not be traumatized.

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