neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

4 day weekend part 1

See what happens when I get a 4 day weekend? I don't write a damn thing for almost a week! In my defense, I did lose my marbles a little bit. Canada Day was...Thursday last week, so on Wednesday night I decided that V needed a new outfit, you know something a little red and white (hey I'm getting it out of my system while she's too young to fight back!). At first I thought I could just get away with a skirt and have her wear her Joe teeshirt, and I merrily started on my way, trashing my entire crap craft room to find and wash all the red, white and red and white fabric I owned. After getting the washer humming along nicely, and the room somewhat re-assembled, I realized I needed a pattern. Disassembly part 2. Patterns in hand (no I didn't decide at that moment, I just narrowed the field) I hauled the sewing machine, cutter, pattern paper and weights, iron and table ironing board out to the dining room (you don't think I actually have enough room to work in the craft room do you?).

After finding, tracing and then cussing the pattern out for a good long while, and a sanity check with my favorite coop mama, I finally got the skirt assembled and hit the hay around midnight.

Thursday morning crawled around, and sadly my brain decided to take a vacation. I looked at the tag on V's teeshirt, and while it was all maple leaves and cute sparkles on the front, it seemed like a bit of a cop-out. Besides, it was made in Bangladesh. I mean, how else would they be able to sell it for $5? If there's one day that she should be decked out in stuff made in Canada, I figure Canada Day is the day.

So I dove back in to the disaster area (disassembly #3 for those keeping track)  looking for a shirt pattern, and ended up pulling this together (the top used 2 snaps so yay! only 999,998 left in my stash *g*):

(If anyone's interested it's the Mary dress from B&B Blueprints as a top and the Girly Skirt from Pink Fig both of which are the easiest patterns in the history of patterns). My marbles were thankfully found before I could launch in to making myself a matching skirt or attempt to applique a maple leaf on the shirt.

Yes we are at Uncle Bub's and no we didn't have to threaten her with the cages at any point in the day.

Do you know what damage a 2 year old will do to a white skirt? She played in the sandbox, went swimming in the pool, put on sunscreen, ate cheese, sat in the mud, ate watermelon and who knows what else, drew with markers and played with puppies. I'm not sure if it would be quicker to clean it or make a new one.

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