neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Lions and moonshines and walls, oh my!

Last night we spent the evening in the park with four enchanted lovers, a fairy or three, a king, queen and an ass. A Company of Fools dropped by for a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream, and as we've come to expect it was entertaining for kids and adults alike. They certainly have a knack for 'de-stuffing' Shakespeare by doing the little things like a bit of MC chat, describing one of the actors as a long-form census taker (unemployed) and popping balloons over each other's heads. I'm fairly sure I heard a 'that's what he said' (and not just in my head):

V was captivated by the whole thing. She watched the audience, she watched the picnickers (note to self: Bring a snack next time. She was watching two boys behind us so intently they finally offered her one of their crackers - little mooch!), she watched the show. She stood on my lap and clapped every time they popped a balloon. I was amazed that she didn't lose it during the 1.5 hour show. We sat back far enough that she had room to play in front of us, and that kept her happy. She could 'read' her book, stuff and unstuff her purse, and wander a bit. She brought her own camera so she could take pics of the show, but finally decided that the purse that she'd used to carry the camera would make a better prop when she decided to hit the stage:

This was the first year our park was part of their official schedule, we've been one of their dress rehearsal locations for the past couple of years and it appears that we'll be in their audience for many years to come. Their shows in Ottawa parks only run until Aug 2 so if you were thinking of hitting one of them this weekend's your last chance!
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