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Do you know how much a bushel of tomatoes is? Do you have any freaking idea? No? Neither did I.
Sounded good at the time, I mean I guess I should have been concerned that I couldn't really lift the box once I paid for it at the farmers market.


Dude helping me to my car chuckled a bit when I asked if he had any pickling cucumbers. Guess he realized I really was a crazy lady and knew there was no chance I'd be able to get to pickling today too.  The saucing was slightly delayed by things like lunch, dinner and the Richmond Fair (post to come) so the fun stuff really only got started around 6.

(I'm fairly confident in giving this advice: if you're ever caught red-handed (haha) at a bloody murder scene, just tell them you were canning tomatoes, they won't be able to tell the difference right away, giving you time to escape.)

Hubby seemed very enthusiastic for about the first 1000 tomatoes. Once he figured out he couldn't build a better mousetrap, he decided to go get a life. Lucky for me V will never pass up the chance to help. She is doubly willing to help if it involves appliances. My bright red food processor has a special place in her heart, but tonight she had to settle for using the mill on the stand mixer while standing in the sink.  But this would only amuse her for so long, then it was just me, my tears adding saltiness to the sauce (okay, ew, no) for the next 5 hours.


If this has taught me anything, it's that just because some person I follow on Twitter has gone ahead and started looking for processed sugar in everything doesn't mean I should. I mean, I was perfectly happy to occasionally buy a Mason jar full of processed spaghetti sauce, throw in a few chopped veggies and call it my own a day. Who would put sugar in spaghetti sauce? And why would I go reading my food labels? (No really, don't go looking for trouble. If you haven't paid that close attention, don't start now).

Oh, no wait. What it really taught me is that I need a stock pot. I only have a dutch oven, so have been using a sauce pan to supplement. I did manage to get 9 quarts (or larger what's with the random sizing Mason makers?) done tonight, and thanks to my sister's emergency stock pot run, tomorrow's finale should be a one shot deal. Then we move on to the cucumbers!

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