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Appointment bumped up two months!

Got a call from the RE's office just now, they have a cancellation for tomorrow morning at 10:30. We are in. Of course they tried to shake me down for another $600 - $200 for the consult and $400 for the annual administration fee (yes that's right, the one I just paid in April). They are checking into it, but I shouldn't have to pay anything for the visit tomorrow - my tubes are blocked so provincial insurance will cover this one last round and well, I've already paid the annual fee. Don't get me wrong, I am really glad that I have these 3 chances without paying the $6k, but I'm not going to double pay either.

I am sooo glad I don't have to wait until September! Dr. C will be away for the month of July, but with the team approach, I'll be able to see any Dr. after my next Day 1. So here's to hoping for busy follicles, and no OHS.

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