neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Day of the exploding equipment

Had a double-header in softball last night (don't bother asking the scores *g*). Several pieces of my equipment finally decided to call it quits. I've been having problems with my glove for a while now, I absolutely love the glove, but it belonged to an ex and fit his hand much better than mine. So, on really hot days, it will just twist off my hand when I catch a ball (well try to catch a ball). Tried lacing it tighter, but the laces are so old they just kinda crumble. The glove is easily 20 years old. Time to move on.

But the best equipment failure was my cleats. Again, they're probably 17 years old, and really don't owe me anything. In the 5th inning, playing catcher, I get ready to catch, when I can feel my left shoe let go. Outside seam - gone, baby toe in the gravel. Not bad when you're catching, but I had to bat next. Luckily my extrodinarily bad batting streak held up, and I didn't make it to base. Back on the bench took a look, the only thing that was holding my cleats to the shoes were the rivets at the front and back (both shoes). The left had the bonus side blowout. So gotta do some equipment shopping this weekend.
Tags: sports

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