neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Update on my consult

Back from the bumped up appointment with the RE. We have re-signed all the consent forms, and gone over our history and planned the next steps.

Brief history: Started with a full IVF round that ended in OHS with 4 frozen embies with me in the hospital for 3 days, then an unsuccessful FET, followed by a much more regulated IVF (including Metformin) which resulted in 14 eggs, and only 3 fertilizing, (lower quality) and only 2 transferred, unsuccessfully, and the latest attempted FET with none surviving the thaw. Aside from the fertility clinic issues, I have had 3 surgeries on my tubes, to drain, remove adhesions and finally, last November, to remove the remaining bits.

RE would now like to confirm a possible insulin resistance, so I need to do some tests for that (fast, bloodwork, drink a sugary drink, wait 2 hours, more bloodwork). Need to have ultrasounds re-done to check on ovaries after surgery, make sure there are no new adhesions. Other random hormonal tests too. Hubby will have a workup as well. Even though things were fine the first time around, the low fertilization rate the second time is a concern. Either way, we will probably go with ICSI to be sure.

Our protocol will be the same as in the past, an agonist cycle. BC, then Suprefact, then Puregon. Depending on the results of the insulin tests, I may also be taking metformin. There is some debate about the amount of Puregon to start me off with. The first time I started off at 200IU and was down to 75 IU after 8 days, I had to coast the last 3 and still ended up in the hospital. The second time, I started at 100IU, and with some adjustments was able to have a safe retrieval (my E3 results were *that* close again). They felt after that cycle that my next could be started at 75IU, but I'm two years older now, so we may end up staying at 100IU. I want to make sure I get healthy embies out of this round.

Between advances the centre has made, and the surgery to remove my tubes, they are now predicting at 40% success rate, which I am happy about. It used to be around 25% for someone over 35. What doesn't make me happy is the 4 month wait at the fertility clinic! My file is being passed on immediately, they aren't waiting for the results of all the tests, they will just adjust as necessary. But 4 freakin months! And that just means that I can call with my Day 1 to find out if they have room for me that month! It could be another 3 months of that on top of the initial wait. I think I might just start calling with my first day 1 after my follow-up in August and see what they say *g*. I am certainly glad now that I didn't have to wait until August for this initial meeting!
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