neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I am so bad.

Hubby is out at Costco, and I've called and asked him to bring back Dairy Queen! mmm - Smartie Blizzard!

For my American Friends - Smarties are something you would want to put in ice-cream in Canada (actually anywhere else in the world I think - They are not the sugar pills you are used to (we call those Rockets) but rather chocolate with a candy coating. No not M&M's, much better, and they will melt in your hands.

Again - mmmm - Smartie Blizzard.

Edit: Not only did he bring back the Smartie one, but Chocolate Chip Cookie dough too! That was my fav before they took it off the menu. Apparently enough people wanted it back *g* mmmm- chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard.
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