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Small world - wouldn't want to paint it.

Canada Day celebrations were lots of fun. I spent a quiet morning at home while hubby was off scuba diving. Around 2 we headed down to stella0017's and Willy's for their annual get-together. They have a pretty cool place, right downtown. It is a loft built in an old beer store. They always have a great spread and the Q was going full force. This year's special treat were cilantro and pepper burgers. Met a friend of Stella's from university, Mich, and her hubby, Dale. They were going to the 'gades game too, so we offered them a lift at around 5. In the car we started talking about the company I work for and the people I work with.

Dale asked about one of the long-time developers in our company. I of course knew him (when I started with the company there were only 20 of us.) When Dale first arrived in Ottawa he stayed with this Greg, as he was dating Greg's wife's best friend. Funny thing is, I work closely with her now! He hadn't seen her in 5 or so years, so I filled him in on the news in her life - she just got married this year, etc.

Hubby and I get to our seats, slightly soggy from a brief downpour. There aren't very many people in the stands and we're just yacking away. As we sit down after the national anthem, hubby glances at the empty seats immediately to our right, and makes a comment as the occupants have had nameplates made for the seats. I take a closer look at the names, and yep, we have moved directly beside the ex and her best friend that I mentioned in small world pt. 1. We moved further east in the stadium as my mother can not sit in the sun, and as most of the games are in the evening, we figured the further east, the sooner the sun ducks behind the opposite stands. But really, what are the chances of moving randomly and ending up sitting beside a co-worker?

So, game was miserable for the first three quarters, and as I already lamented, the last five minutes (you know - the ones we skipped) really made a difference. But if we hadn't left, we would not have been able to see the fireworks. We made it back to Stella and Willy's with time to spare. Hung out for a bit more, ate too much, then ambled over to our favourite viewing spot. The show started about 15 minutes late. It was moderately breezy and I believe they were afraid to let them off. In previous years we have had ash and embers land on us, this year the wind was in a different direction. After much ooohhing and aaahhing, (pictures will follow as soon as I receive them from the official photographer)we headed back for more party. Hubby made a date to go diving again today and he and Matt decided to kick Stella out of the squid crew after catching her having a butt.
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