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Hubby decided that since it was his fault that we were not able to get insurance on the bikes this year (without paying stupid premiums) he would take another stab at finding a 'good' rate. So for the better part of the past two weeks he has been doing a very frustrating dance with a couple of companies. After much negotiating and many faxes, he's managed to find what appears to be a decent rate - remember we were paying about $500/year for the two bikes - we're looking at around $2650/year. One of the places he called quoted $3k for his bike alone!. Apparently the primary insurer of bikes re-evaluated the risk levels of all bikes, and ours are both high risk. Bastards.

As of midnight last night (our anniversary!!!) we have insurance on the bikes and can ride! I am so happy. First order of business today is to change the oil in them, then hit the road! It's only going up to 32C (90F ish) so full leathers will be a real treat - but I really don't care! I have been missing riding so much.
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