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Oh now I've done it. I guess I was in a joining mood yesterday, I finally got off my butt and got organized for school for this coming term. I have decided to sign up for 3 full credits this year, yes, on top of working full time and playing hockey, oh ya, and trying to do IVF again! We'll see how it goes. I have 7 credits left for my degree, and after taking the year off last year, and only doing one credit the year before, I really want to catch up.

Here are my planned classes:

Full year:
War and Society in Modern Europe (1.0)
Fall only:
Planetary Astronomy (0.5)
Critical Nationalism (0.5)
Winter only:
Landforms and Mindscapes (0.5)
Astronomy: Stars to the Cosmos (0.5)

Getting those out of the way will get me a Science credit, to fulfill the BA Breadth requirements, and a Modern Europe credit to fulfill the History Dept. Breadth requirements. I'll also get 1 full required 2000 level credit towards my Canadian Studies minor. So if I survive this year, my courses in history are pretty wide-open; 1 more 2000-level, then 3 3000-levels (one of which has to be 3503 for the CDNS minor), and 1 more credit in Canadian Studies. Again, if I survive.

I'm not able to register for courses until the 11th of August (That will be a busy day - Sheri's 35th, football game, softball game, course registration) and I've already dished out $340 for campus parking. This is going to be one expensive year. Luckily I already have the Astronomy required reading.

Left to do - talk to boss about missing work - Fall will be all day Friday, Winter will be Tuesday from 11-3 and Friday from 12:30 to 3:30

Then, hubby and I were talking about how much our dish has been bugging us lately, we keep losing parts of the recording on the PVR, could be the dish, could be the hard drive. But anyways we really aren't getting that great a use out of all the movie packages we have, they generally aren't showing what we want to watch. So, I finally went ahead and signed up for (similar to Netflix I think). They have a 2 week free trial, and the package I signed up for allows you to have 4 dvds at a time, and unlimited rentals in a month. Works out to the same price as we were paying for the dish movie channels. Will see how it goes, I have about 60 movies on my wishlist so far, lets see what they start sending.
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