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Whining, ranting, bitchiness

Why is it that when my friends have a problem the can call or write and I'm there to listen and offer advice, but if I ever try to bring
up that things aren't great, they're suddenly busy?

When they call to chat and I say I'm swamped with studying, I don't need to hear them ramble on about how tough it was for them to
study when they were working full time and how that ended their relationship. I need them to say, 'oops, sorry about the bad timing, will
catch you later.'

When they ask me why you haven't seen me on IM lately and I say I'm feeling depressed and down, but want to talk, it's pretty fucking
obvious their panicked scramble to find something that has happened to them to complain about, completely ignoring my last txt.

When they ask me how I'm doing, the least they can do is pretend to care. Ask some questions, offer some advice. Don't just change the topic.

Yep, fun to hang around with, great that they come to me with their problems, but damn I really have to find some peeps that just aren't so self absorbed.

< /rant >

Sorry just needed to vent
Tags: bitching

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