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Oh the frustration

We had our last meeting with the RE (Dr. C) around July 12th. At that time they suggested we make the appointments for our tests at least 2 weeks in advance of our next appt - Aug. 18. Hubby called yesterday to schedule his appointment, and the earliest date he can get is August 23rd!!! So our follow-up has now been bumped to September 8th, and they aren't sure they will have all the results back in time. I'm telling ya, every day, healthcare just seems to be getting worse in this province. And it's not like this is something covered by OHIP, we're paying for these tests.

Some days I just feel like this is never going to happen.

I've been bitchy since I found out yesterday afternoon. Some of it is directed to hubby, probably unjustly so. How would he know it would take 3 weeks to get an appointment? Grr.
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