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Another softball game, another wet t-shirt contest :)

Had a softball game at 6:30 last night. They were predicting a 60% chance of rain. It was sunny and stupid hot (34C) just before the game and it clouded over just as the game started. I think we made it to the 4th inning before it got horrid. As I was waiting to bat, the rain was coming in almost parallel to the ground, my back was getting soaked, and my front was completely dry. I think they got two pitches in on me before the skies opened. By the time I made it back to the bench, it was like I had been thrown in a lake - I was soaked! We quickly scrambled to gather up all the equipment - I think my sis ended up with the catcher's shin guards and second base(!) and headed out.

For some reason the weather had missed our house, so I pretty much looked like a freak getting out of the car dripping wet.
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