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Weekend recap (or how I found out I wasn't 18 anymore)

I knew heading into this weekend it was going to be a busy one. I was planning on leaving work early Friday afternoon to get ready for my sister's stag. Unfortunately I was delayed at work, and made it before the bride to be, but by no means early, to the stag. It was a riot! I really think every one had a blast. Unfortunately, sis stayed surprisingly sober, given the large quantity of alcohol we poured into her. Her friend flew in early and surprised her so that was a nice bonus. It also means there was a drunken group walking her home (she lives downtown) so that was all good. I rolled in around 2:30 and of course couldn't sleep right away. Finally drifted off, only to wake up at 6:30 (thanks pup!).

Other fun part of the day that made it worth dragging my butt out of bed was going boating. I posted a couple of weeks back about how the guys from my team were going boating guys only. Well a bunch of them dropped out and it turned out to be me, my boss, my former boss and his girlfriend (a fellow knitwit) who hit the Big Rideau. Met my boss at our office at 9ish as we had an hour long drive to get to the boat. I spent the better part of the day zipping up and down lakes at 60 or so miles an hour. We did stop briefly in one of the lakes for a quick swim. First dive off the boat and I experienced a 'wardrobe malfunction'. Top = off. Not only off but ripped at the seam. So after getting a shirt from the boat (it really isn't that easy to put a shirt on in the water!) I continued floating around. Rob offered to fire my boss so I wouldn't feel awkward being topless in front of him *g*. We hung around a bit while peeps partook of cliff jumping, and I got to witness my boss execute the most awkward entry I have ever seen! I'm sure he'll be hurting for a while.

After lunch we wandered around the town of Westport for a while, then back to the boat. After crossing the Narrows lock, Rob asked if we wanted to go tubing. I'm always up for tubing, and I seem to stick fairly well, he usually has to really work at getting me off the tube. What made it so much better was that I would be tubing with my boss, so I'd get a chance to work out any 'issues' in the water. Really, if you have issues with your boss, smack them around behind a boat for a while!

Unfortunately I was first out of the tube, and although I feel shame, I did manage to stick fairly well for the rest of the ride. Rob has a couple of tricks that I'm now used to. First off he'll open up the trim tabs when you are in the wake. This causes a huge blast of water to smack you in the face. Sometimes its almost enough to knock you off the tube! Second trick, Nora's personal fave, is that he'll hunt out the huge cruisers on the lake, knock you out of his wake and then jump their wake. This leaves you hitting the cruiser wake head on, while dealing with his wake from the side. Its a guaranteed good ride.

We managed to provide them with 13 miles of entertainment, as they dragged us all the way back to the marina. We left the marina at 6:30pm!! I was home by 8 and in bed by 10.

Sunday I woke up at 10am. Good - 12 hours sleep. Bad - my sister's shower was at 11. I busted my ass (that is my sore, bruised, sunburned ass) out to Sticksville, and managed to stay awake for the majority of the event. Back home at 2:30 for an hour-long nap. When I got up hubby notified me that we were having a house inspector stop by at 7:30. At first I thought, 'Great, I can clean up tomorrow afternoon!', but knowing hubby, I asked for clarification and sure enough, inspector was coming by in the freaking am! Frantic cleaning of house, followed by a minor coma, brought me to this am, when I woke up a very, very sore girl. I've got aches in places I didn't know I had muscles. It's sad, but I remember a day when this weekend wouldn't have phased me a bit!

Now to prove I'm none to bright, ask me what I'm doing next weekend *g*.

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