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IVF delayed again.

Got a message from the fertility centre today, so I gave them a call back. My RE passed my file along to them (yay doc!). I was a bit shocked to hear that my space in the program is now November, not October as originally planned. But after talking to the nurse it appears they have made some changes to the program and are better at anticipating the number of patients a month, so I should get in directly in November, rather than trying for space for up to three months.

Couple of new weird quirks - she was very quick to point out that there would be an additional $2k due as soon as I call in November. She also had to check immediately that my FC program fees were paid for the year. I don't remember them being so much about the money before. The other weird thing is that there is now a mandatory 2 hour training session that both hubby and I have to attend. Grr. I tried to explain that we've been doing this since '01 and we are pretty darn familiar, but no dice. There have apparently been changes to the program - wtf? I figure that they are trying, if nothing else, to get the two hours parking out of us *g*.

I really, really, just want to get started trying again, but the more dealings I have with them, the more I feel like it's never going to happen. It's bad enough that the process is so frustrating, I don't need all this bureaucratic hooey on top of everything.

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