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I am so glad we changed bike shops this year!

Last September I brought my bike into our old shop. It needed new fork seals, new rear tire and I wanted it checked over before I took it to Toronto (~4 hours away). Forkseals replaced, new tire installed (wrong size tire it turns out) and bike was given a clean bill of health. It ended up that I didn't take the bike :( but that is another story. I rode it for a bunch more short trips and then it went away for a long winter sleep.

So, the bikes finally come out this year, I loan mine to a friend of hubby's so he can get his license. When it comes back, one fork seal is leaking (grr). I'm not blaming him, seals do one of two things, and chances are, based on my experiences with the old shop they screwed up some how. So, into the new shop she goes, and new fork seals again. We head over when the bike is ready and are waiting for them to bring it around. Still waiting, and waiting. It's 30C out and I'm in full leathers. Head back into the store to see what the holdup is.

Turns out, as they were wheeling the bike out of the shop, one of the mechanics, from across the room noticed there was something wrong with the master link on the chain. Granted, motorcycle chains are a bit larger than bicycle chains, but holy eagle-eye! Turns out the retaining spring for the master link was missing. This means that my chain could have come flying apart at any time, causing a god-awful mess. That mess could have been my leg (think of how fast that chain would be moving), the wheel, or random other parts of the bike and me being stuck on the side of the road. This was not a new problem. There was wear on the master link from it moving around. We only put a couple of hundred K on the bike since it's shop visit last fall.

The shop didn't have any of the retaining springs hanging around, but the did break open a new chain and pilfer the master link from it, which was super cool in my opinion. We ended up using about a half hour of the mechanic and parts guy's time, and they only charged us for the part (~$6.00) More coolness.

So, I would really like to know what the other shop checked. I mean did they check to make sure my leathers didn't clash with the paint job? Make sure the gas tank was full? Really, bikes aren't that complicated, thanks for taking the minute and a half.

But huge, huge thanks to PowerSports Canada, they rock!
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